Glass Pool Fencing- An Exquisite Place where Frameless Glass Does Trick

The introduction of the glass balustrading system has given a new direction towards the home decor and construction. The frameless glass balustrade provides the high-class seamless look that can be fully integrated with the surface adjoining. The modern builders and promoters are extensively suing the varieties of glass balustrades to give the end finish while building their patio, deck, balcony and last but not the least the pools. The glass pool fencing has been the cherry on the top of the cake for the swimming pool owners or the house owners.

Keeping in mind the need and the demand of the people, the companies have two types of glass balustrade to their list, which are-

Frameless Glass Fencing

This type of glass pool fencing has toughened safety glass with a polished bevelled edge. The panels are attached to the corrosion resistant aluminium or steel valve that is either square or round in shape. The companies manufacturing the frameless glass fencing take care of the fact that the entire system can also be installed above the ground or below the ground. The gates of this type of fences are operated via hydraulic system that is equipped with a self-closing pivot that is attached either with a magnetic latch or with a side pull latch.

Semi Frameless Glass Fencing

It is considered as the predecessor of the frameless glass fencing. However, there are still some places and at times this are being used. Unlike the frameless glass fencing, this type of fencing use partly solid construction.

Features of Frameless Glass Fencing-

It is the misconception that the frameless glass fencing will be delicate. However, the companies manufacturing the glasses ensure that the glasses are safe and for that purpose, these are manufactured with equal toughness as that of the solid construction. The feature of frameless glasses are-

·        Provision of toughened safety glasses for durability
·        Gives a complete hurdle less view to the pool area
·        A complete hidden fixing for a seamless look
·        Gives the utmost glaze to the place where it has been attached
·        Easy to clean and maintain
·        Comes in wide range of varieties or designs
·        Gives a modern look to the pool area
·        Helps keep the pool area free from any illegal or unwanted entry

Company’s Viewpoint

The companies have kept in consideration the problems faced during installation. Therefore, all sorts of provision have been made to make sure that the entire panel can be attached to any surface irrespective of the hardness or toughness.

The companies have been generous enough in keeping in mind the trouble faced during the cleaning process. Therefore, they ensure that the materials that are used to make the frameless glass balustrading have relatively lower maintenance. To give the full proof protection protective glass screens are also provided to the frameless glasses. These screens protect the glass surfaces from any sort of scratches and spots making it easy to clean.

The modern trend shows the owners switching towards custom glass balustrading to give their place a look of their choice. The customised glasses fulfil the desire and dream of the users. The companies make sure that the strictly adheres to the choices their esteemed clients have made. Therefore, extra care is taken to build this glass balustrade.

Advantages of Choosing the Glass Pool Fencing

Are you giving your choice a second thought? Never ever! The companies, over the years have transformed the glass pool fencing to establish a trust among the people and to expand the usability of the pool fencing. The reason behind choosing the glass as a pool fencing are-

·        Strong enough to be durable for a long time
·        Safe enough to protect a child from approaching the poolside
·        Absolute flexibility to be used in many places
·        Can easily fit the various sites because of its flexi size
·        Attractive to all viewers and anti corrosive to stand long
·        Gives the ultimate serene, calm and composed view of the poolside

Technology, Glass Pool Fencing and the Balustrades

The period of technological upheaval has started. Some of the builders and the contractors see the glass balustrading industry as an outcome of technological advancement. In other words, one can easily say that it is with the support of technology that the development in the area of glass balustrade patterns has taken several leaps and bounce. It has also added flexibility to practical choices and has made available some of the best qualities of glass balustrade to be chosen. The owners and the contractors are looking forward to the glass balustrade industry and are relying on the glass balustrades Sydney that is making a huge impact in the building industry.

Taking in note about the technical changes in the pattern of the glass balustrade structures, the companies have been able to merge the strength of exactitude and exquisiteness to the glass banisters. The exactitude is obvious from the way the handrail contours, lighter glass, and strong supporting pedestal. The resulting balustrade like in the case of glass pool fencing is light, strong having modern glass balustrades that require minimal vertical supports.


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